What is KISI?

Our mission

We're an international family of children, teens and adults, and we aim to glorify God through songs and musicals. We seek to learn to discover God, to explore our talents, to experience fellowship, to spread the gospel and to live each day with Jesus. We're a catholic movement with an ecumenical mission.

Hannes & Birgit Minichmayr

founders and leaders of KISI

"With our songs and musicals we want to draw children and teenagers, even whole families, nearer to Jesus. We want to invite everyone, to encounter HIM and to live each day faithfully and creatively as a Christian."

Our vision

bring heaven to earth

Our home is in heaven – and when we live together on earth, we want to show a glimpse of what is to come in heaven.

Share our faith in an authentic way

Words themselves only make up 7% of communication. That's why we express our enthusiasm with our whole body: through song, dance and acting.

Develop personality

Our dream is that children feel loved by God and the people around them. That will enable them to grow to become self-confident young people who follow Christ.

Promote international understanding

We wish for children and youth to think about groups like 'the Jews', 'the Arabs', 'the old ones', 'the protestants' as 'people', and more importantly 'friends'.

It's astonishing how God has worked and continues to do so through KISI! He has found a unique, creative and personal way with KISI, with lots of love and joy! It amazes me to see how it all started, what has happened since then and what is happening right now.

Kathi, staff member from Austria

Our Story


the two pastoral assistants Hannes and Birgit Minichmayr started the 'Kindersingkreis' (German for children's choir = KiSi) in the parish of Altmünster in Upper Austria.


the organisation 'KISI – God's singing kids' was founded, under the name of 'Kinder machen Musical' (german for 'children play musicals'). During that time, several tours and the first KISI-Fest took place.


Birgit Minichmayr wrote her first musical: 'Lilli and the Incredible Comeback'. Since then she's been writing songs and musicals for KISI on a regular basis.


KISI performed their first concerts in a foreign country. Before then, KISI was only active in different parts of Austria.


KISI started working in Holland. In the following years other groups in countries such as Uganda and Germany started developing.


Through God's wonderful work, we were given a house in Altmuenster (Austria). This house now serves as a centre for the KISI family and a place to live for volunteers and staff, right in the middle of the beautiful Salzkammergut area.


permanent KISI groups have been founded in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Uganda as well as projects in Belgium, Hungary and Israel. In total KISI has active members of about 1400 children in Europe and 300 children in Africa.

What do we do?

We're doing all these things – many different areas, but all very exciting! Click here to learn more!

Musical performances

Enthusiastic children's voices, impressive acting scenes, dynamic choreographies and a profound message – those things are what make a KISI musical so special. We perform musicals based on different biblical stories and daily life themes, such as hope or friendship. We also put on concerts only consisting of songs. This is our way of sharing the empowering message of Jesus with the world.

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Our musicals

Puppet shows

Pauli, the adventurous little Lamb known from the KISI puppet shows, loves to be on the road – in kindergartens, schools or youth groups. Together with his family Wolliweiß he tells stories and sings about the adventures with his good shepherd.

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Church service arrangements

We love spreading the gospel on stage, but what we love even more is to celebrate mass with other fellow Christians and to praise God with our songs. If you invite us, we are happy to provide you with musical arrangements during mass.

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Three days of faith, fun and fellowship: every year the big KISI-Fest takes place and the program is filled with musical performances, workshops, outdoor-programs and some just as entertaining profound imputs for the whole family.



If you work with kids, you deserve good training. We hold regular training seminars for our staff members and interns to equip them with the necessary skills for their work. Occasionally some of our events are also open to the public.

Training dates

Radio broadcasts

Unfortunately we cannot be everywhere at the same time. However, we still make our hope and joy accessible for everyone. You can listen to our radio broadcasts weekly - unfortunately currently only available in German.

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Breathe some KISI air for a few hours: sing, dance, play and learn about Jesus – those are some of the things you will experience during our workshops. We come to parishes, schools or to other open events, to spend time with children. At the end of a workshop an arranged mass or a small concert consisting of songs, is possible.

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Sing and musical days

Learn a whole musical from scratch in only a few days? Sounds crazy, but it's possible. At KISI children train for a whole week in areas such as singing, dancing and acting for one specific KISI musical. They then have an opportunity to present their work in a final performance. Of course, we provide fun program too, which focuses on the themes featured in the musical.

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Our musicals


KISI CLUBs are local KISI groups that meet regularly, sing together and try to understand the content of the KISI songs in a fun way. They continue to bring new hope and joy to people in their surroundings – with small concerts in retirement homes or during church services.



Do you want to be part of KISI on a regular basis? KISI NOW is a nationwide group that meets once a month, for a weekend, over the time span of half a year, to have fun, to pray and to rehearse a musical that will be performed at the end of the 6 months.

NOW groups


KISI the intensive way: with KISI KEY you commit to a whole year with meetings at least once a month for one weekend. During these meetings, you train, rehearse intensively and focus on playing musicals & co. There are also opportunities for you to invest in deepening your relationship with God. KISI KEY is on tour and on the road a lot.

KEY groups

KISI wear

Children have been wearing their KISI shirts proudly over the past twenty years, the same goes for KISI caps, KISI sweaters and other KISI products. We love how every KISI fan can literally wear their enthusiasm and that way share it with the world.

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Children's books

Lovingly narrated and creatively illustrated: you can read about the adventures of Pauli, the funny, little, black sheep. Great for bed-time stories or to read on your own.

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CDs and DVDs

All of our musicals and most of our songs are available on CD. A few of our musicals even exist on DVD. Now you can even experience KISI at home on screen or give CDs and DVDs away as presents!



To sing along, to join in on the piano or on the guitar, violin, ukulele or any other instrument you like. Our songbooks provide you with the sheet music and chords to all of our songs and even contain the spoken words from the musicals.

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Children's program

Are you looking for new ideas and concepts for your children or youth work? We would love to share our experience and have assembled our best ideas in compact hour-long programs that you can download in our shop.

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Thrilling melodies and dances tell the story of a brave, young woman who feels drawn to the God of Israel through a humorous yet honest production. Ruth chooses to be faithful to Naomi and dares a new beginning. A story that shows Ruth responding positively to life in any situation. An adventure for the whole family.

The Compassionate Father

Once again, Lilli gets to experience another biblical story. This time it's Jesus' story about the 'prodigal son'. This is a musical about God's infinite mercy and fatherly love.

Called by God – Paul – Ambassador of Christ

Paul experienced so many things in his life: First he hated Christians, but then he had a radical encounter with Jesus and started telling everyone about God. He healed people, he was locked up in prison, he got shipwrecked and was saved – and Jesus was with him through all of it!

Star Role in Bethlehem

The pinnacle of God's story of salvation with the people was the birth of the saviour – Jesus. From Elisabeth and Zechariah via Mary and Gabriel, the moments leading up to this amazing event are portrayed in a completely new and different way – from the point of view of the stars.

– also available as Christmas edition –

Future Stars

Hope, courage and trust – those are the things Katharina needs to dare to sign up for a singing competition. And that's also the message she wants to share with the audience. But will she be able to win?

Lilli and the Incredible Comeback

Is it possible that the Resurrection really happened? Lilli and her friend Klara are not sure what to believe. They are swept away and travel through time into the past where they will witness an incredible comeback.

Hanna, the Prophetess

Daniel and Ora both anticipate Israel's liberation in very different ways. But then something happens, that reconciles them: together with their great-grandmother Hanna they are fortunate enough to see the newly born Messiah.

Hark, the Herald Angel

A big choir of excited angels, a very important mission and very little time to practise. Add confusion to that list, because why would God want to leave Heaven to go to a place like earth as a human being? - Definitely not your typical Christmas musical.

Lilli and the Roly-Poly Friend

What about friendship and trust? Mary and Martha must have been really disappointed in Jesus after their brother's death – but they still live to see that you can always trust Him. He's simply the best friend you can possibly have!

Anna Making Friends

A musical that focuses on themes of bullying, friendship and courage to do the right thing. Anna has a hard time finding friends in her class. Most of the time the others laugh and make fun of her, until one day something very bad happens...


Pauli and the Robber Smellyfoot

Pauli, the adventurous little sheep wasn't careful enough and was kidnapped by the evil robber Smelly Foot. Oh no! Thank God that we still have our good shepherd Florian, who will embark on a journey to bring Pauli back home.

– also avilable as puppet show –

Pauli and the Newborn King

Pauli witnesses how angels announce the birth of the Messiah to his shepherd. When Florian, the good shepherd, leaves to see the newborn child, Pauli sneaks away to follow him. Will he also see the king of all kings?

– also available as puppet show –

Pauli Can Be a Blessing

Pauli and Mariechen embark on an adventure to pass on blessings and to do good to other people. A joyful puppet show musical with Pauli, his family and the good shepherd Florian.

– also available as puppet show –

Pauli Wants Chocolate

The adventurous little sheep Pauli knows that his good shepherd provides him with everything he needs. But when the evil cat convinces him that he is in desperate need of chocolate, he's not sure anymore ...

– also exists as puppet show –

Let's Go Fishing

What now? Jesus died and resurrected, but the disciples don't know what they're supposed to do and go back to fishing. What they don't know yet is, that Jesus has a mission for them.

The Shepherd Kids

Three young shepherds from Israel are desperately anticipating the Messiah. One night the angels appear to them and announce the birth of Jesus. The three children leave to find the saviour themselves.

The Gift

A young boy has carved little figures for a crib as a Christmas present for his parents. But he doesn't want them to be just any figures: he wants for his carvings to portray Jesus as the king of kings.


Austria, Netherlands, Uganda … KISI is active on an international basis. Here you will find a small overview of countries in which we're already present. If your country is not on the list – just invite us!

KISI's birth country. In Austria we have the KISI organisation, many KISI CLUBS, permanent fixed KISI KEY and KISI NOW groups and many more!

The courageous pioneers. The Netherlands was the first country where people were affected by the KISI spirit and decided to start their own organisation and their own fixed KISI groups.

The first ones outside of Europe, and also the KISI nation with the highest concert attendance...by far!

Germany has a long KISI tradition, but is currently mainly looked after by the Austrian KISIs. 

Things in Belgium are moving fast. They were influenced with the KISI spirit by the Netherlands and are anticipating starting their own thing.

In Israel and the Palestinian autonomous territories, we already have a lot of people that are excited about KISI. In the last few years, there have been some musical projects and concerts.

We've been to Hungary many times already - for musical performances, workshops and musical projects with local kids.

For many years there have been musical performances and projects in South Tirol. Sometimes there were also trips and workshops in the rest of Italy. Now motivated staff started a local KISI group.


Children and Teens

talk about KISI

Anna, Austria

I really like KISI. It brings me great joy! At KISI you can dance, talk to God, learn about the Bible,(...) pray and always have fun – that's so cool!

Magdalena, 13 years old, Austria

At KISI you learn more and more about God and you find real friends. You're able to talk about problems. The small-groups where we discuss different things, are the best thing about KISI in my opinion. And the performances of course.

Georg, 16 years old, Austria

At KISI I learn more about God. The community is amazing and I love everything that has to do with music. Plus, I want to tell people about God. It's really cool to see how children become one group and how Young and Old work together.

Sarah, 17 years old, Germany

Through KISI I got to know God better and I found friends from different countries. I have friends that are Christians too, and I can trust them. That's not something I have anywhere else. Through music I can also share my faith with others.

Ruben, 11 years old, Netherlands

When you're at KISI you forget about time. It's always amazing. Even when you're tired and you don't feel like doing anything, it's still amazing! At KISI you can really be yourself. It's like holidays...but with ten times more fun!

Teenager, Austria

I can be completely myself with the people I meet at KISI. They've become my best friends, because they also believe in God and because I don't feel alone as a Christian.

Anna-Tabea, Austria

I love your KISI- Fest and I enjoy coming every year, when someone takes me with them. I think the people that organise the KISI-Fest are simply cool. Awesome that you guys are doing this. I'm already excited about next time. Today was great!

Miriam, Germany

I really like the Song 'Jesus für mich' ('Jesus for me'). It shows what Jesus took upon himself for us when he dies on the cross and why we celebrate Easter. Thank you to Birgit and everyone else who make sure that new KISI songs are being written.

Magdalena, Austria

KISI is so blessed and is also such a big blessing! At KISI you can truly feel the holy spirit. You get so much encouragement and other good things out of it, they can really change your whole life. It makes life believing in God so much happier and more beautiful and this joy in the faith is really sensible at KISI. You learn so much in your faith!

Magdalena, Austria

I was able to rediscover God's greatness this weekend. I'm so thankful for being part of this KISI-Family. It's such a blessing to me and also for the people around me. It moves me to experience how KISI is being lead.

Rebekka, Austria

I'm very thankful to be able to be a part of this big family and to experience and learn so many things with KISI. (...) It's really great to see how KISI is growing and how we as KISI-Family can participate in the kingdom of God.

Anonymous, Wien

KISI has been with me and has been fascinating me my whole life but I only recently joined regular meetings a month ago in Vienna. I feel so good and accepted in this strong community. It's been a 'inward success' for me so far. Everyone is someone special here. (...) I wanted to thank KISI. Every single one of you makes me stronger and brings me a little bit closer to our Father. I'm very happy to finally be part of this community. Be blessed!”


talk about KISI

Barbara, a mother from Austria

On Wednesday I went to pick up my children from the Holy week tour in Gmunden. I was able to see the final performance and was very impressed with KISI. They spread the good news with so much joy in their hearts. After every performance I'm speechless and I often can't find words to describe how much I enjoyed it. I'm very thankful that we were blessed with KISI and that my children are able to experience all of this. I thank God for this beautiful gift. As a parent, I can only say: Thank You Hannes, Birgit and the KISI Team, what you achieve is indescribable.

Karin, a mother from Salzburg

Our family still looks back on the musical week in Salzburg with excitement. I have to say we were absolutely thrilled about this week and the team. You've really become a true blessing to us.

Margit and Franz, parents from Austria

Thank you for the precious work and tireless dedication you put into the kingdom of God! Without KISI the world would be a much poorer and colder place.

Susanne, a mother from Austria

'Thank you mummy for the Paulus-CD. I don't know what I would've done without it this summer...' my son (6) told me this morning. Ever since the musical days in Salzburg he teaches this little siblings (4 and 2) all the songs and dances. We listen to it daily and we still enjoy it like the first time!

Anonymous, parents from Vienna

We felt a deep gratitude for all the beautiful songs, performances and KISI-Fests that have bestowed our family with lovely, unforgettable memories over the course of the last 10 years. Thank you for supporting the education in the faith of our children in such a great way.

Joris and Veerle, parents from Belgium

For us it's very important to be able to be part of KISI as a family. Everyone has their own place. One loves to dance, the other one enjoys singing more. As a couple we can support KISI without being separated from our family (which is the case with many people with other jobs). The children are active and remember the learnt things easier this way. It's not just sitting still. And that also attracts other kids! Our children experience faith as something happy and young. Faith is something that renews itself over and over again and is rediscovered differently by each generation.

Wolfgang, father from Burgenland

I'm very happy and grateful for you guys. You succeed in your long-term commitment of sharing the message of Christian faith about Gods love with people in a lively and convincing way. Not only the children and youth benefit from this, but also I have to confess: You guys are amazing!

Iris, mother from Austria

My children – 5 and 7 years old – participated in a musical week in Kleinzell last week. It was very impressive to see so many young people proclaiming Gods message with such enthusiasm. My children continue singing and dancing at home and can't wait for a reunion. Thank you very much!

Edith, a mother from the Netherlands

I'm at KISI for the first time now. I think it's great how KISI contributes to the development of a child and how children can discover the invisible through the visible.

Doris, a mother from Austria

KISI isn't only a blessing to the children, but also to us parents!

Joyce, a mother from the Netherlands

Our daughter and our two sons get excited about every KISI activity they participate in. KISI is a big support for their faith. KISI really feels like family. Even our younger children can't wait for the day when they're finally old enough to join too.

Carolijn van Voorst, foundation 'Samuel Advies', Netherlands

KISI gives children the chance to celebrate their faith with joy. Too often they're alone as believers. At KISI they can encourage each other.


talk about KISI

Andrea, concertgoer, Germany

Last Friday my family and I were finally able to hear KISI sing live. I've been listening to your songs for a long time now and I'm thrilled. You got us into the Christmas mood, opened our hearts and made them ring. My family and I are very glad to have been able to experience this great moment with you and we will never forget this adventure.

Monika, concertgoer, Austria

This amazing musical really touched me, I still have tears in my eyes when I think about the message, the believing children, the voices.. You must have put a lot of time, work and energy into this 'project' – for the children and for people like myself who are so grateful to you!

Paul M. Zulehner, professor for sociology of religion and theology, Vienna

If you come with an empty heart, you won't be able to escape the spell of the musical 'The prophetess Hanna'. The dynamic of KISI – God's singing kids, is so touching. I see a growing generation of children who don't surrender to the banal duplicity of some of todays modern life stylisation and who therefore, have no need to find comfort in things like alcohol and drugs. It's a cultural avant-garde, which is born from the strength of the old narratives and continues to live: like the power of the prophetess Hanna for instance. Dear Mr. Minichmayr, respectfully to you and your wife's work for the future of this country and the church within.

Dr. Richard Seeber, deputy of the European Parliament, Brussels

Dear KISIs! I'm very thankful and happy that you came all the way from Austria, to perform your musical here and to share your joy with us. My children enjoyed working with you very much. I wish you all the best for your performance, have fun with your visit to Brussels and continued success for KISI!

Peter, visitor of a KISI church service, Austria

Today I celebrated the evening mass that you helped arrange. Two things really impressed me: Your singing and the dignity with which you celebrated mass with us. There was no disturbance, it was always clear that Christ, the altar are the main focus. To celebrate dignified and to arrange a service this beautifully is something only few are capable of doing.

Jerko, concertgoer, Austria

Incredibly cute, you KISIs! And they can also sing heavenly and perform!

Armin Assinger, host of the 'Millionenshow', Austria

You guys are great! It was really amazing and I was singing along! I wish you all the best.

Andrea, concertgoer, Germany

Once again it was very touching: the message, the lyrics, the joy on the faces of the children that was contagious, the implementation (For me it was very impressive to see the scene where Paul and Silas are in prison and start worshipping and the walls collapse, for example. Or the scene where the children were rowing the boat with obvious joy.) We listened to the CD this morning and Sonja was really excited and sung along. I think her collection of favourite CDs just got extended by one!

Luc, concertgoer, Belgium

Congratulations to the KISI-Team (…) A very creative yet intense way to bring faith, hope and love – the good news, to the people. Heartwarming!

Markus, concertgoer, Berlin

I recently listened to your musical about Paul. I really enjoyed it and I could clearly see what joy it brought to the children and teenagers. Not only the singing or the fellowship with each other, but the community with Jesus. Just before the musical I witnessed a very beautiful occurrence. A little girl came from the backstage just minutes before the show to pray at a statue of Mary. When the other children try to get her to come back, she told them to leave her so that she could continue and pray. I thought this was very beautiful, because the childlike trust was so clearly visible. You guys are doing great work!

KISI staff

talk about KISI

Maria, former KISI intern, Austria

I love working with children. At KISI, I like the combination of music, being with children and focusing on our faith. (…) It's amazing, that KISI is one big family. You know you're a part of it and you know they will support and help you when you're feeling down. You're not alone.

KISI CLUB leader, Austria

Even if the kids don't remember anything else from the whole time at the KISI cLUB, they always remember the songs. And that way the message is still received, even though it's in a different way than anticipated.

KISI CLUB leader, Austria

Because of the situations children find themselves in, in school where they're often confronted with odd ideas and rejection for example, it's essential for them to hear that 'God says yes to me'.

KISI CLUB leader, Austria

I often catch myself singing KISI songs. They influence me. Seeing how the song lyrics change children's hearts only motivates me to keep going.

KISI CLUB leader, Austria

A girl that was not a believer, recently started coming to our KISI CLUB and after a short time she was completely on fire. She come to the KISI-Fest with us where she bought a Bible. She's been reading it ever since.

Kathi, KISI staff member, Austria

It's really astonishing how God works through KISI and continues to do so! Unique, creative, personal and with love and joy! A highlight for me was to see how it all started, where we are now and what's to come in the future. This reminds me of a sentence from the KISI musical 'Future Stars': 'God is working, can you feel it? - Amen to that! It's a real honour to be able to be a part of God's big beautiful plan and the KISI-Family!

Simone, KISI staff member, Germany

For us as a family the most important thing is for our children to be able to find their own faith. That they don't just inherit the faith from us, but that they are challenged to find out the truth for themselves. That's what's so valuable for us with KISI.

Leo, Grandfather, Austria

When we visited the legion of Mary one time, my granddaughter Anna freely prayed. The people there were deeply impressed how this 11-year old girl and the way she was praying. They think more highly of KISI now.

Hannah, KISI-Intern, Austria

If it weren't for KISI, I would've never visited places like Uganda or Israel and wouldn't have gotten to know people from there. Networking is so important between the different nations and also between the different denominations. KISI is the first place where I became friends with kids from other religious backgrounds and denominations. This is how peace grows.

KISI CLUB leader, Austria

In our KISI CLUB group we have a lot of children whose parents are not believers. Sometimes they tell us stories, like how their father hasn't been to church in 30 years but went again for the first time with them. The parents also often tell us how much they like this way of spreading the gospel.


talk about KISI

Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna

Where can you find a better place for kids than where they find a community that is characterized by faith, is artistically appealing and challenges them personally. Where can you find anything better for them than in a community like this, with a mission and with abilty. That speaks for itself. Yes, I wish for many people experiencing  this terstimony. I am convinced that KISI touches a lot of people... It shows that when Jesus said: Let the children come to me, he didn’t say that it in vain.

Franz Lackner, Archbishop of Salzburg

Yes, when children sing, it is nice, but when children sing about faith, this is a really touching, very uplifting feeling and experience, especially in this nice hall and with this big audience. That was a really deep, spiritual experience! This music was carrying to God.

Willem Jacobus Kardinal Eijk, archbishop of Utrecht

On behalf of the Dutch church we want to thank you for the big gift that KISI has been since the 450 years celebration of the diocese s'-Hertogenbosch and how they have revived parishes and families in the whole country!

Dr. Alois Kothgasser, archbishop of Salzburg

I find it very appropriate and desirable that precisely such biblical scenes and stories are being developed and performed with children. KISI is a great way of making the biblical message come alive in the children themselves. I consider such productions as very important help to understand a lot of what Christianity is actually about.

Stephan Turnovszky, youth bishop for Austria

There are multiple reasons why I would recommend KISI to all parents. For pedagogical reasons: Singing and drama pedagogy is a pan-human pedagogy. (...) For religious reasons: the confrontation with the biblical message takes centre stage here, it's the focus of KISI. (...) For integrative reasons: (...) It's not just children and teens that are being challenged here, it's also the adults.(...)

Ddr. Klaus Küng, family bishop for Austria

May the intercession of the Mother of God help the children (at KISI) and everyone else, who accompany them on their way, that they will be able to see the star of vocation light up and that the Holy Spirit helps them to stay faithful in their appeal.

Dr. Elmar Fischer, former bishop of Feldkirch

Dear KISI-Team! I'm happy to have seen the 'Incredible comeback'. It was a Bible close representation of the resurrection event and a very successful implementation child appropriate form of expression by the composer.

Dr. Ludwig Schwarz, bishop of Linz

I'm very touched by this wonderful performance (…) You transmit true apostolate, you make the gospel clear and beautiful to the people, so that they may realise that the fact that God's son became human is a big deal. You really have a vocation, a calling as KISIs and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Drs. Antonius Hurkmans, bishop of 's-Hertogenbosch, (NL)

The first dutch KISI group has rehearsals in my house. What an excitement! But not just that, I found the history of KISI that Hannes Minichmayr, the leader of KISI, told me personally last week, very impressive. Kids perform musicals, but also learn about the Christian way how to treat each other. KISI reinforces the children's relationship with Jesus Christ and that's exactly why KISI is so valuable, also in the Netherlands.

Herwig Sturm, former bishop of the evangelical church A.B.

An energetic musical, after a biblical template, rousingly danced and sung. Where do you have to go to find that? Not that far actually, KISI – Gods's singing kids from Altmünster (...) do all of these things and surprise you in every aspect. Their joy about God's work among the people is just infectious.


talk about KISI

Pater de Rijke, Netherlands

KISI is a joyful way to live the Christian faith. It's not all about the catechesis, but also about experiencing faith in every way: Christian education, celebrating days of the church, living in a big family. This is so important because in the church, a tendency towards discouragements dominates and that's not the way it should be. We're rebuilding our church right now. Why wouldn't we be able to spread the gospel like we did 2000 years ago? Why should it concern people less today than it did back then? KISI only confirms this.

Albert Frank, Priest from Luxembourg

When I saw these children with their hands raised high singing a song about the faith, I had to change my sermon. They showed me, what today should be about: I believe.

Ddr. Gmainer Pranzl, university professor from Salzburg

Now we've experienced what catholic is: young, dynamic, diverse, international and full of hope.

Father Jean-David, Austria

To invest in children is so important in the church. To evangelise the world, we have to start with the children.

Dr. Gerold Lehner, Superintendent from Austria

KISI? My experience: eyes and ears are equally fascinated by what is being presented: children, teenagers and adults radiate natural joy, faith becomes visible through music and dance and the heart is touched, becomes wide and joins in with joy.

I was so impressed. By the professionalism as well as the aura that is only created when your heart and soul is put into something. I find your work very impressive and can only hope that many people will understand the joy in the faith that you have.

Mag. Gerhard Hafner, prior and decant in Admont from Austria

Pope Benedict XVI always talks about new evangelisation. For me this KISI musical is a concrete and very successful example for new evangelisation in our time.