How can you support KISI?

You find our work valuable and want that it continues to exist...and to expand? Then we'd be happy if you would support us: with a donation, prayer – or by telling others about us. You can also purchase the KISI-Card and become a member of KISI for a year. Of course we're also very happy if you want to work with us yourself.

I donate a monthly amount to KISI because I want more children and teenagers to hear about Jesus' message in this exciting way and to be able to live it.
Janina, Deutschland


You want to make a contribution to keep our work going? Thank you! We're happy about your trust. We're especially happy about monthly donations, that way you help us to build our work upon solid grounds financially and to give it a secure future. Your money supports our daily work. This helps us found three of our dreams:

What we dream of:

Hope for the world

Support one of the international missions of KISI – like in Uganda, India or Israel for example.

Encouragement for free

To go to places where children need encouragement, but where no one can pay for it.

Structure leads

To give KISI a logical and well-functioning organisation structure –
nationally as well as internationally.


You want to help us with that?

You're not able to continually donate?

Of course it makes us very happy if you want to make a single donation. By doing that you're also supporting one the projects above. Which is closest to your heart?

As for other matters, brothers and sister, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honoured, just as it was with you.
2. Thess 3,1


If it's not the Lord building the house, the builder's efforts are for nothing – that's something we know fore sure. Without God we can't do anything. That's why prayer is so important to us and why we're glad about your support by praying.

From time to time we send out newsletters with our current prayer requests, so that you're always up to date and you know what to pray for.

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Spread the word

You like what we're doing? Then tell others about it! Maybe someone you know will want to organise a concert, send his children to KISI or support our work.

(Please insert your postal address into the email window if you want to order info flyers.)

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Spread the word via social media:


I love being a KISI-member. I think it's nice to be connected to KISI and to support their work that way. I also always enjoy receiving birthday wishes and the members discount is very useful too!
Katharina, Belgien

Become a member

As a KISI member you support KISI for one year. You transfer the annual membership fee and receive the KISI-card as a sign of membership. The following advantages come with it:

insurance during KISI events

lovingly designed birthday wishes via mail

discount on KISI events and products (usually 10%)

(Currently KISI Austria is the only coutry with an association to become a member in. Please note: The member registration texts are in German.)

I enjoy working with children. I like the combination of music at KISI, being with children and the faith
Maria, KISI-Mitarbeiterin aus Österreich

Join the staff

You want to do something and work with us? Great, cause there's always work that needs to be done! It doesn't matter if you rather work with the children or help us with other tasks. Whether with the tech-team, the stage and props, the organisation or something completely different – we'll find something that corresponds to your talents. Shoot us a quick mail if you want to work with us and tell us what you're good at. We're glad to hear from you!

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