KISI in your town

You can bring KISI to your place in many different ways: whether it's a concert, a puppet show, a project or your own KISI group – we'll help you to bring excitement about Jesus to your town and to influence your environment in a positive way.

Once again it was very touching: the message, the lyrics, the joy in the faces of the children, that was infectious and the implementation.
Andrea, a concert goer from Germany


You want to bring sparkling joy and the message of God's love to your town? No problem! We'd love to perform a musical or song concert in your region.

Why organise a KISI concert?

You encourage people and help them to get excited about Jesus.

You make a stunning event happen in your town.

You create a good basis for future KISI events in your town.

You support KISI and spread the word about our activities.

What musicals are currently being performed? What's there to organise? How much does the whole thing cost? - We'd love to send you a non-committal email with more information.

You can also already choose a musical that you want us to perform – though not all musicals are possible at all times.

Church service

Sometimes you wish for the people in your church looking a bit more joyful? You would like some musical diversity in your church? Or you generally like new joyful songs? KISI is happy to come to your parish to sing in your Mass or Service. We're looking forward to celebrating together with you.

Why invite KISI for singing in a church service?

You're encouraging your fellow Christians and giving them new enthusiasm for Jesus.

You're organizing a church service full of life and joy.

You're creating a basis for potencial next KISI activities.

You support us and help KISI to get known.

With our KEY and NOW groups we're often singing in a Mass at the places that we visit on our musical tour. But sometimes we might still be close to you and be able to come to your church. Also there are local KISI groups that are happy to sing in churches of their region. It doesn't hurt to ask. We will then let you know what's possible.

We're happy to come up with song suggestions for all parts of the Mass or church service. But of course you are welcome to let us know if you have certain KISI song favorites that you want to be sung in church. Generally all songs are okay that suit a church service, so e.g. also some from our muscials

Very often we sing songs from our song CDs. In our shop we created a category with all those CDs best suitable for church services. You are welcome to have a look and get a first impression!

puppet show

Bringing God's love and providence to the small ones – that's an important mission. And it's our wish to contribute to that. That's why there are the puppet shows with Pauli the black sheep. Pauli together with his family and his shepherd Florian is there to tell the kids in a playful way about their own good shepherd.

Why organise a puppet show?

You're rejoicing children.

You're helping to teach them encouraging truths.

You're creating a basis for more KISI activities in your town.

You support KISI and help it to get known.

You want to invite Pauli and his good shepherd to your town – in kindergarten, primary school, a kids group are a kids' birthday party? Send us an email to request information and we will get in touch.

request information

Already curious what will happen to Pauli?
Read about our four puppet shows:

Thank you very much (…) for the amazing and spirit-filled week. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive throughout the different age groups, which is a true blessing. Some children even a shed a few tears, when the week came to an end.
Anita, organiser of a musical week in Austria


You want to reach out to the children of your town, to get them excited about Jesus and to offer them an exciting pastime? Get us to come to your town for a workshop or a musical week.

Why organise a KISI-Project?

You get children excited about Jesus.

You provide children with an exciting and meaningful pastime.

Additionally you organise a great event for parents and friends.

You create a good basis for a KISI CLUB in your town.

What kinds of projects are there? What do they look like? What is to be organised? How much does it all cost? - We'd love to send you a non-committal email with more information.

When I look at what I experience in our KISI CLUB, how lyrics slip into the children's hearts, it motivates me to keep going.
KISI CLUB leader from Austria

Your own KISI group

Yes, you heard correctly! Even you can start a KISI group in your town – it's what we call a KISI CLUB


We provide you with songs, fun sessions and child appropriate explanations, that you can use to get children in your surroundings excited about Jesus and to sing and dance with them.

How does this work? What exactly happens in a KISI CLUB? What are the requirements? Find out.

found nothing?


You're looking for something else that is specially tailor-made for your specific town? No problem, we'd love to discuss with you all other possibilities!